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The Kaseya® Solution

Simply Manage and Secure Your IT with Our Trusted Cloud Platform

Today’s IT organizations are facing an ever-growing set of challenges. IT complexity continues to increase, driven by new technology trends such as cloud, mobility, virtualization and highly distributed environments. The needto support both existing and new infrastructure and applications seamlesslyand efficiently has become both more urgent and more difficult to deliver.Whether IT professionals are a part of an IT organization or a Managed ServiceProvider (MSP), they are looking for new ways to efficiently manage and secure IT to drive IT service and business success.

What Are the Roadblocks to Solving These Problems?

Unfortunately, unavailable, unsecure or inefficiently delivered IT services can have a serious impact on your business. What is preventing you from addressing these issues? Our customers tell us about challenges such as:

Too many manual tasks “We spend too much time doing repetitive manual tasks, which are prone to human error, and far too inefficient.”

Complexity and demand for new services “My environment was already very distributed and now I need to manage and secure cloud services, as well as the new mobile devices of my employees – all of which creates new management challenges.”

Too many tools “It is difficult to manage and secure my environment with many non-integrated management tools. The answer to a new challenge always seems to be – buy another tool, but this just adds complexity and cost.”

Achieving Service Expectations While Improving Efficiency

Kaseya can help you exceed service and security expectations and dramatically improve your IT efficiency. Kaseya provides an integrated IT management and security solution that enables you to:

Command Centrally

What if you could ensure the availability, performance, and security of your entire IT environment – on-premise, cloud, and mobile – all from a single command center?

How Kaseya can help:

Single management command center

Comprehensive set of integrated IT management functions

Broad IT infrastructure and application coverage

The Kaseya IT management platform enables you to see, manage and secure everything from a single integrated dashboard – monitoring, remote control, software deployment, asset, patch, and configuration management, identity and access management and end-point security, back-up and service-level management.

Manage Remotely

What if you could extend your reach, maximize staff efficiency, and exceed service level performance?

How Kaseya can help:

Rapid discovery, inventory and audit of your IT environment

Anytime, anywhere IT and security management

Analytics and role-based reporting

The Kaseya IT management platform enables you to discover, manage, and secure widely distributed IT environments. Regardless of where your devices are located, you can monitor, audit, secure, control and remediate issues. Extensive analytics and role-based reporting help you identify, track and resolve problems proactively.

Automate Everything

What if you could ensure the availability, performance, and security of your entire IT environment – on-premise, cloud, and mobile – all from a single command center?

How Kaseya can help:


Complete, easy-to-deploy automation

Proactive, automated remediation

The Kaseya IT management platform enables you to deploy software, manage patches, and proactively remediate issues across your entire environment easily and automatically. Using configurable policies, you can automate self-healing actions in response to defined situations and events.

The Kaseya Product Suite

Virtual System Administrator is an IT systems management platform that integrates and automates a broad range of IT management tasks via a single dashboard.

Traverse provides the industry’s leading cloud and service level management platform, with proactive monitoring and powerful root-cause analytics for all aspects of IT.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for company-owned and employeeowned (BYOD) devices, including app management, from a single dashboard.

AuthAnvil provides the only integrated two factor authentication, single sign on and password management solution to ensure easy and secure access to applications.

365 Command is a one-of-a-kind, highly scalable hosted service for organizations who want an easier way to manage their Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint subscriptions.

For IT to become a true partner to the business it supports, the entire organization needs to drop the old break-fix mentality and instead focus on service quality and end user experience excellence. Management tools can be of immense help by consolidating and aligning service-aware infrastructure visibility across traditionally independent technology camps.

Jim Frey

Vice President of Research

Enterprise Management Associates

Customer Success:

These customers worked with Kaseya to improve service performance and IT efficiency, transforming the way they provide IT services to their customers.

There are a lot of managed service provider solutions out there that promise all sorts of things. None can hold a candle to Kaseya. It’s truly transformed the way we provide IT services to our customers.

Brad Schow

General Manager,


Kaseya’s cloud solution has helped us consolidate our support and management tools in the hands of the team who needs them. Kaseya has been a great partner!

Joel Peabody

IT User Experience Manager,

Money Management International


The IT Management cloud CompanyTM

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