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NX-Witness NX Witness (formerly HD Witness) is an advanced IP video management system with a key focus on usability. Many VMS’s are complex and cumbersome to use, but NX Witness has developed a revolutionary new “flex” user interface, allowing infinitely customisable viewing, enhanced video control, flexible timelines and drag and drop camera assignment. Power is not compromised as a result of its simplicity, and NX Witness includes a wide range of intuitive enterprise features for optimum business surveillance management. NX Witness comes with a free trial offer including 4 licenses for 30 days. Users also benefit from free upgrades and no annual maintenance costs!


Network Optix has re-branded its first commercial product, HD Witness! NX Witness is equipped with all the best components of its predecessor plus extra features for enhanced simplicity and usability. The software offers the ultimate user experience and is one of the most easy to use VMS’ available, despite being one of the most advanced systems currently on the market.


Simple Setup

The simplicity of NX Witness’ setup is exceptional given its highly technical and advanced software. Full installation and ability to view live network video takes 2 minutes and includes automatic camera and server discovery. Support is available for all ONVIF compatible devices across all Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Built for Users

Network Optix has always had the end user in mind when developing VMS’, and NX Witness is no exception. There is no need for users to attend a course just to learn how to use the software, the process is clear and simple from installation right through to operation, management and support. Optimum usability comes from:

  • Limitless customizable viewing
  • Simple drag and drop camera management
  • Smart motion search
  • Video import and export
  • Support through digital maps
  • Easy view tabs
  • Notifications and events engine

Enterprise Features

With NX Witness, enterprise features come within the standard package. Powerful, intuitive features means getting work done is easy. Users benefit from:

  • Automatic discovery of servers and cameras
  • Endless scalability
  • Advanced PTZ controls
  • Universal fish-eye DE-warping
  • Live and archived video search by keyword
  • Real-time video enhancement
  • Server health monitoring
  • Diagnostics streaming
  • Watermarking

Open for Developers

NX Witness has a comprehensive SDK and API, accessible anytime through the NX Witness server web admin page. This enables users to pull any video stream into the NX Witness platform with the SDK, and pull live or archived video from NX Witness to 3rd party systems using the API.

Easy Maintenance

Not only are upgrades made easy with one click system-wide upgrades, they are free! The online support portal means assistance is always easy and accessible.

Free Trials

Users are able to download and trial NX Witness for free, including 4 licenses and no need to enter credit card details! For full detail and for other surveillance solutions please contact us on the form below and once of our specialist will contact you with 4 working hours to discuss your requirements.

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