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The best logos seem to be created accidentally or effortlessly. Think of Apple, Nike, FaceBook. But there’s nothing can be achieved without putting great efforts. There goes a lot into the logo design process than meets the eyes. A well-designed and engaging logo is the result of great efforts, time and brainstorming of multiple professionals because we have the only millisecond to make the first impression count when a visitor comes to your business website.

So, to help you make the most of your time, we’ve put together five of the most important things to keep in mind during the logo designing process.

  • Think of Your Target Audience

When creating a business logo, it is important to keep in mind your target audience as different target audiences are attracted to different styles of logos. For example, if you are targeting children then the logo should be designed using bright and bubbly colors as seen in the toys or Legos.

On the other hand, the approach can be different when creating a logo for the businesses that target a more mature audience and offers a simplistic feel to the audience.

  • Vision & Mission

Once you know what type of audience you are targeting and what should be your color style for the logo, next is the step to identify your company’s motto. This helps ensure your logo defines your business goals to the audience effectively. For example, check the Apple’s tagline “Think Different.” The tagline encourages the users to think differently to the crowd and rise above the competition. And this is what Apple is doing great.

It will help design an appropriate, modern design logo which will propel your business goals forward and represents them effectively.

  • Your Business Niche

As a business owner, it is important to know if you want your field of business incorporated directly into your logo. Ever wondered why food chains like Burger King, McDonald and others incorporate red color in their logos? Because it revs up people’s appetites.
So, identify your field of business to reflect your industry directly in your logo. There may be instances where companies choose to utilize images that are not directly related such as Shell for gasoline, which can also work.

  • Desired First Impression

First impression matters… in fact, it matters a lot. And logos play an important role in making the positive first impression. If you are planning to create your logo using the only alphabet, then select a list of 8-10 words that describe the ideal first impression you want to make. Then, the logo can be designed with these keywords in mind.

  • Color Preferences

This may seem somewhat similar to a few points mentioned above but has a lot more unique. Colors have been shown to have an impact on the feeling. According to digital marketing experts, they appeal to emotions more so than words or images. Utilizing the right colors during the logo design process can be so impactful. A logo design company can help you identify what kind of psychological impact the right color will have on your audience.

I’d like to list the name of colors with the particular emotions that are triggered by them:

•    Yellow – Optimism, Clarity, Warmth
•    Orange – Friendly, Cheerful, Confidence
•    Red – Excitement, Youthful, Bold
•    Purple – Creative, Imaginative, Wise
•    Blue – Trust, Dependable, Strength
•    Green – Peaceful, Growth, Health
•    Grey – Balance, Neutral, Calm

So, now that you know what matters the most for logo design process, it is the time that you take the next step and call a professional for the flawless designing of your business logo.

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