Top 5 Ecommerce Design Blunders that Kill Your Website Sales

You love your eCommerce website, but are you sure that your visitors will love it too?

With the fast forwarding pace of online business competition, the need of having a website that is a perfect blend of visual appearance as well as the User Experience is increasing each day especially if you own an eCommerce store. And hence it is important to focus on two things: human psychology and testing.

In short, to make more online sales, it is good to be more customer-centric, but what’s even important is to focus on the blunders that others may be making. Make sure to learn more about your audience and find out how they use your site, as it is the only way you can get better results and increase your sales.

Here in this article, I’ve collected the top blunders most eCommerce websites make and face drastic fall in sales.

  • Using Poor Quality Images

No wonder the world is buying everything online these days, yet there’s a large percentage of people who fear falling prey to the online shopping scams. This is why they want to see that they’re going to purchase and if you’re using low-quality images, your target audience is having a negative impression of your business.

When you’re selling a product online, visuals are incredibly important. Images should be large and of the highest quality. Ultimately, the visual should capture potential customers’ imaginations. No one is going to buy a product that either they cannot see, or that isn’t visually appealing.

  • Lack of a Clear Value Proposition

A strong value proposition is an e-commerce solution argument as to why customers should buy from that particular store when they could buy from the competition. This plays a very important role in the growth of e-commerce business as for why should customers buy from you when they have a better and bigger option-Amazon?

However, unfortunately, many e-commerce websites still have a poor value proposition. Landing on such websites is more confusing for the shoppers as they never have an idea what they’re selling. The essential elements of any good value proposition include:

• A simple & informative headline
• Body copy explaining this item from you is the best choice
• Additional benefits and social proof
• Creative & clear images

  • Using Poor Search Function

When shoppers have no time to waste on navigating through product categories, search function proves to be a lifesaver for both the website and the shopper. This is why a customized search function is very important. In most cases, shoppers look for the best deals online and have a concrete idea of budget and other product specifications they are looking for. Poor search function, in most cases, proves to be the leading cause of shopping cart abandonment even before your customers reach the shopping cart phase of shopping.

  • Complicated Checkout Process

Experts claim the checkout process to be the most common phase where nearly 70% of shoppers leave their products in carts. Using a simple and stress-free checkout process makes a smart choice for online retailers. Integrate social media login to allow shoppers complete registration process easily while reducing the checkout steps proves to be another great choice for the buyers.

  • No Mobile-Friendly Design

Remember that you’re living in the mobile era where almost 75% of online searches are made via mobile devices and 45% sales made through mobile. Ignoring mobile devices when creating a website may be a drastically wrong step. When creating a website, make sure to let your website designer and developers know about the mobile-compatibility of the website and how much it is important to your business growth.

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