Impacts of Effective Website Design on Online Business

Do you want to create your business website visually appealing just to attract more visitors and make your website look professional? Well, it is the time you know a little bit more about the impacts of your website design on the Search Engine Optimization and the overall ranking of your website on the search results. Gone are the days when the design was associated with the eyeballs of the visitors, but now it has a lot more to do with the Google and other search engines.

Website designing, while certainly important from an aesthetic point of view, encompasses much more for the business owners. Your website’s designing and appearance affect your entire internet presence to a great extent.

Impacts of Web Design on Online Presence

Of course, the design makes a great significance when it comes to comparison with the other factors. In 94% cases, people mistrust the business websites simply because of their design part. Here are some of the elements that are responsible for making a website less trusted:

    Pop-up advertisements and flamboyant ads
    Busy or complex layouts
    Boring web design/lack of color
•    Small print that’s hard to read
    Slow website intros and load times

The Content

The content of your business website should be tailored to your specific industry and the customers as well. Avoid putting stress on how much your company has achieved over the few years, make sure you aim at telling people how you can help them achieve their particular goals. Keep personal tone and voice of your website according to the age group of your target audience. Do not focus on reaching out to millions, but focus on one reader instead.

Website Design – SEO Connection

When approaching a well-reputed website design company, it is important that you keep your SEO goals in mind, you have to think long-term. Design trends would change in the future and you are also likely to change the design according to the changing times, but your brand and online presence will last much longer. Well, this doesn’t mean that you ignore the latest design trends.

Parallax Design is the most trending and latest design available these days that features a single page that seems to go on forever. Online visitors like online business websites with this design as they can continuously scroll through content. Website owners also prefer it as it keeps users engaged. Responsive web design is another great type of website you can look for. According to the recent Google update, websites with no responsive design will be penalized on search engine results.

This is important because the responsive website designing reduces the risks of running two websites and is also proven to lower bounce rates. Websites with faster page loading speed is another great way to increase your search engine ranking as more people would prefer visiting your business over and over again. Also, Google prefers websites that are faster.

Here are some tips that may be kept in mind during website designing process:

•    Use Clear Navigation
•    Keep It Consistent
    Keep It Simple
    Make It Compatible with All Devices
•    Be Clear and Concise

Apart from the above-mentioned points, it is also important to consider content placement strategies. Placing content below the fold is not wise and too much advertising above the fold can disrupt search results.


A website can be great for SEO or extremely damaging, depending on how you design or how the website designing company does its job. Websites with well-thought designs are rewarded by the search engines and it also lowers bounce rates because users have a tendency to stay on your web pages for a longer time.

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