Google Ranking Factors

Placing your business website top on the search engine result page is not easy, while it can be your first priority to gain success in online business, but it requires a lot of hard work and techniques. And if you want to achieve better ranking for your business website, it is important to know something about the Google algorithm that is frequently changing.

So, what we have to do achieve better search engine ranking for a business website? There are various factors that matter when it comes to search engine optimization for better results and we have prepared a list of the top 8 factors that are based on the research by Search Metrics, Backlinko, and SEO Power Suite.

1.)    Mobile-friendly Layout

Recently in the past years, Google announced great news that proved to be amazing for many businesses that are using the right approach for customer engagement and have created mobile-ready websites. According to Google, the websites with no mobile-ready layout will be penalized with bad ranking and hence many businesses suffered from great loss. So, if you are considering creating a mobile version of your website later, it is not a good idea. Ask your development partner to make your website mobile-ready now.

2.)    Page Loading Speed

Another factor that matters a lot when it comes to search engine ranking is the page loading speed. People expect your website to load in an instant. With more and more people using mobile devices to access the internet than desktop, page load speed has become an even more crucial factor for ranking. Remember that you have only 5-6 seconds to make the first impression on visitors, but your website should load in no more than 3-4 seconds.

3.)    Unwanted Popups

Google announced that in last month, 85% of all ages in mobile search results had the ‘mobile-friendly label’. This means that the majority of results had content that was readable on mobile devices without the need to zoom in. Some people even hate the rage-inducing interstitials that block the content they want to read. So, Google has reacted to the use of these pop-ups by lowering the rank of results that are still displaying these.

4.)    Content

Content is the king. And the companies offering search engine optimisation services will often use content to help achieve better ranking for websites. No duplicate or plagiarized content should be used on a website, as long as you are focusing on better ranking. Google algorithm also penalizes websites with low-quality content by demoting or dropping their particular pages, ultimately reducing the overall search engine ranking.

5.)    Keywords

As far as the search engine ranking is concerned, keywords play the biggest role in it. Keeping the keywords in the title is the factor around the fundamentals of SEO. This can be a strong SEO ranking factor to boost ranking and including keywords in Meta tags, Headings, and Content. No company without the appropriate use of strategic keywords can achieve desired search engine ranking.

6.)    Backlinks

According to the experts in Search Engine Optimization, backlinks are like life support to the search engine ranking. Backlinks have been and still remain the most important factor in search engine rankings. There are various free tools like Google AdWords that may be used to search the right keywords depending upon the nature of your business and products or services you are offering to clients.

7.)    Sitemap & Bots

In order to help the visitors explore your website easily, Google needs to understand the structure of your website before and a sitemap can help Google and other search engines to index all pages on your site. And the bots let you restrict the crawling of particular web pages due to security or any other reason. A sitemap is a simplest and most efficient way to tell Google what pages your website includes.

8.)    Trust Factor

No visitor would want to make a purchase through your business website if your website is not secure and Google ensures that only the trusted and secure websites are on the first page. Websites with SLL license are always preferred when allocating space on the search results.

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