Shopify E-Commerce Development

The world is going digital with nearly 90% of purchases made via online. Following the increasing popularity of online shopping among the modern people, various brick and mortar stores are moving to the virtual world. While it seems to be a cut-throat market, but there is always a room for growth, provided what you offer to the target audience.

So, you know creating a web presence can help increase your sales, but selecting the right platform for eCommerce development is the key. The options are many including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerece, Drupal, etc. While all of them enjoy the great market share in the eCommerce development market, but Shopify E-Commerce development still stands the top of the list.

  •  Easy-to-use Backend

The beauty of the Shopify lies in the simplicity it offers to the store admin. The simplicity makes it one of the most trusted and used platforms. Its backend system is implausibly easy, clean and organized, allowing store admits to organizing things easily. It comes with an attractive and synchronized paste-in Analytics fields, drop-down settings, setup checklist, etc. Store owners can easily organize tasks, change the menu, do the inventory, add posts and images easily.

  •  It’s affordable

Of course, there are many other platforms that offer free setup, like Magento community, but Shopify brings with it many features that no other platform can even offer. Shopify E-Commerce development is the first choice of those who want to create their online business quickly as well as economically without the worry over lavish and servers cost for development.

  •  Endless Design Options

Another reason Shopify is the first choice of the small and medium business owners is the wide range of themes and templates that make a website look cooler than ever. It lets you stimulate and excite your visitors with a pretty store. If something unique is required, then hiring a professional Shopify web designer can be a great choice as they can get the job done in your budget. Small changes can be done by anyone, without even having great knowledge of coding.

  •  Technical Support You Can Depend Upon

Shopify is a dedicated eCommerce platform and the team takes its job quite seriously. You are provided with unmatched 24×7 support by highly professional and expert professionals. For example, if your website goes down or a sum gateway stops operating, they can help you with immediate support. This makes it possible for small and medium business owners to run online businesses flawlessly without even hiring a professional team of experts. You can just call up the Shopify team on their toll-free numbers or can also do the live chat with an online operative.

  •  More Secure & Faster

If you are planning to operate an online business, then security is going to be a big concern. And this is the best thing you can trust upon Shopify eCommerce development. Shopify makes available timely security patches for the store owners to ensure the uncompromised security of the transactions that may be taking place on your website. And, because it is faster than others, your visitors need not wait for the website to load.

  •  It’s Mobile-Ready

With more than 2.8 billion people using smartphones around the world, the popularity of online shopping is increasing. In fact, the experts claim that more than 45% of online sales are made via smartphones and nearly 65% online searches are made via mobile devices. And with Shopify, you are ready to go mobile as it contains a built-in mobile e-commerce shopping cart feature that presents your online shop efficiently on a mobile phone.

  •  Multiple Payment Gateways

One of the most difficult parts of operating online shopping business is handling online transactions. For Magento and WordPress web developers, it is required to obtain add-ons at each and every gateway. However, with Shopify eCommerce development, it is smoother all the way as it offers an efficient gateway for handling payments online. And this can be a deal breaker as most people prefer making payment through their trusted payment gateway.

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