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Where do you get most of your traffic from? Is it the organic search from search engines, referrals from other websites or somewhere else? Well, each source that brings traffic to your website is relevant and useful. But…

Social media is the fastest and most dependable source to bring traffic to your business website and its growth is nothing to ignore. With more than 2.3 billion people actively using social media platforms throughout the world, it is a smart choice to attract these users and persuade them to visit your website and deal with your business.

To help bring more visitors to your business via social media platforms, I would like to mention some key points every online business needs to keep in mind while creating a strategy for driving traffic.

 1.)   Have a Steady Stream of Shareable Content

No matter how much engaging and innovative content you have on the website, if it doesn’t change, you’re going to struggle to get much traffic to it. These days, content marketing is the latest way to bring more visitors. However, posting links to the same page on your site is as futile as Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill.

Here are some tips to brainstorm on how you can add new content to your website:

  •     Post a weekly tip about your niche
  •     Post a weekly news bite with a photo
  •     Make sure using engaging images with the news bite & tips
  •     Curate a list of top 10 helpful articles
  •     Interview someone in your office or in your industry

2.)   Make Content Sharing Easier on Your Website

With fresh and engaging content posted on your site, you would want your users to take part in the promotional campaign by sharing it with their friends and connects on social media. Companies offering social media services can help you with it. You can add the free plugins that help to share possible.

3.)   Optimize Facebook Posts

The next thing you may want to do in the process is to optimize the way you post content on social media. There are three ways available you can use to post a link to your website and get different results.

  •     Post a link is just to cut and paste the link to the status section and allow it.
  •     Post a photo and then add the link into the status update.
  •     Post your link in the status section and then “X-out” the link data to change its text.

Whenever you create content for your marketing purpose, you want it to receive as many views as possible. Scheduling your content with a professional agency offering social media services can make it easier for readers to also share your content is essential for maximum visibility.The professionals understand the techniques and can help bring results easily and faster to help your business grow.

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