Biggest Web Design Mistakes

Building a website may be easy but the real challenge lies in making it suitable for the business nature. Because we are living in a highly competitive world, creating a website that is engaging, smooth functioning and user-friendly is the only thing that can be kept in mind when developing a website. People, however, forget that the website is their face to the world and commit the mistakes that prove to be disastrous for their business image.

Considering the importance of website design, we put our best people on the job to identify these mistakes and would like to share with you.


Before we know about the biggest mistakes, let’s first take a look at why investing in a good web design company is important in the first place.

First Impression Matters

Remember the first glimpse you had of a website and you instantly fell in love with its design? This is what we call the love at first sight. Same thing happens with your visitors as well because they decide very quickly whether or not to stay on your site. And the biggest thing that matters in deciding it is the first impression of your design.

It Builds Trust

A website with a well-though design is likely to create more trust among the visitors, experts claim. Remember that no visitor would want to deal with a company that is having countless flash banners and stars on the home page.

Web Design Provides Guidance

Every web design company creates a website not only to show off but because they have a goal in mind. Sometimes it is simply to make people join your email list and sometimes it may be to encourage people to purchase the product or something else. And this is what a perfect website design can help because it provides guidance.


1.  Lack of Search Box

The worst thing anyone can do while designing a website is forgetting about the search box. What if the visitors are unable to locate a particular product or service at your site? Of course, they will use a search box. Whether it is a corporate website or a blog, people need search box to for the relevant information.

As a professional web design company, we understand the importance of a search box and always suggest the new business owners take care of integrating it when developing a website.

2.  Confusing Navigation

It may be a result of the links that are unable to find and buttons that are not visible or may be placed in the wrong location. Creating confusing website navigation can be extremely frustrating for visitors as they land at your website to search for information they need. A perfect navigation is the result of logic, intuition, and lot of common sense.

Keep in mind what your visitors may want to search and most importantly, avoid making your navigation too flashy by adding to images and sounds to them.

3.  Stale Content

The first thing I fall in love on the websites is their content. It really helps drive traffic to your site. In fact, the success or failure of a site depends on the quality of content and its placement on the site. Give special attention on using headlines, sub-headlines, paragraphs, and bullets on the site.

Not only it helps increase user engagement, using non-relevant content on your site can drop your site to the bottom of search engine position. So, make use of H1, H2 and H3 tags at appropriate location to make it look attractive and drive more traffic.

4.  No Call-to-Action

In most cases, website designers forget about using call-to-action at its appropriate location when it comes to design their website. Using it at the appropriate location along with catchy tagline is what helps website owners to achieve their final goal – data generation. Using call-to-action is more important for the website that wants people to subscribe, register, download, or buy something.

5.  Lack of Responsive Design

We all know that the world is going mobile. Nearly 2.8 billion people are using smartphones worldwide, which means there are great chances of your website being accessed via mobile devices. So, don’t forget to ask your web development company to make the design responsive.

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